The bulldog finally bares his teeth…

Posted on 25 November 2010

Wednesdays announcement by the UK Information Commissioners office of its first public fines now shout loud and clear to leaders of organizations that the legislation is real, and penalties for not doing the right thing in relation to personal and sensitive data is considerably more than a slap on the wrist. Hertfordshire County Council was fined £100,000 for a breach of protection, allowing details of a child abuse case intended for a barrister, to be sent to the wrong fax address and A4E Limited, a company which operates the Community Legal Advice Centres in Hull and Leicester and also has other contracts with public sector, was fined £60,000 for failing to comply to multiple points within the legislation. A4E critically failed to secure a laptop that was being used by a remote worker which contained very sensitive personal information on clients and was stolen from the remote workers home. The Data Protector has interesting comment on his site here. Stewart Room also talks a lot of sense.

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