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Posted on 23 January 2011

We all know the old saying about people in glass-houses … when operating in a particular industry, one has to be extra careful to ensure that we are paying attention to the little things – that includes the tiny little things like website favicons!  At this stage pretty much every dog in the street assumes that in a web-browser, when a wee little “lock icon” is present in the toolbar, it indicates a secure connection. In the Data Protection and Security sector, we take this kind of thing quite seriously – after all, security has to be built on a foundation of trust. When you go to a website then, and see this right next to the web-address, what are you to think!?


Mmm, oh yea, a run through a spell-checker would be a good thing as well my friends..

For the record, here’s the secure lock icons for Internet Explorer: imageand Firefox: image. Unfortunately they are not both at standard locations in the respective browsers – a pity really!   #Fail!

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