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Posted on 22 January 2011

We have been chasing a nice meaningful logo for a while, and recently engaged with a fantastic logo designer via 99Designs.com. We gave a brief that outlined what Isolate does, our company culture, likes and dislikes and let fly. The first two designs that came back were nothing to shout about, but the third really hit the spot. The designer had really taken what we said on-board and implemented it in a very meaningful graphic…

“The icon forms multiple shapes to tie in with your ideals. the top half forms an eye shape to portray the data privacy aspect of what you do. a human form is held within to show that all this affects real people at the end of the day, but he’s shown at a rising perspective to combat the idea of being trapped within the bubble. rather he is the backbone of it. The entire form is held within the bubble to show the security features you provide.”

Perfect, simply perfect Smile

So now, lets don some lippy and welcome our new logo into the world – we are looking forward to seeing it in many forms over the next few years!


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