Setting down the ground-rules…

Posted on 07 February 2011

The founders of Isolate all have many years experience working in organisations large and small, and over time encountered people and situations we have learned from. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to work with complete jerks to appreciate the benefits of working with truly talented people who are driven by passion and have a healthy sense of respect for their colleagues and working environment. Not only is it unpleasant to work with jerks, it also poisons the environment and damages the productivity of an otherwise healthy culture to have them around. Frankly we believe that (so called) superstars should not get away with arrogant BS just because they pull in sales or produce magic wondrous code – these are short term fixes, not conducive to building a long term high growth business with solid customer and shareholder value. Isolate only works with the best, but we wont sacrifice integrity and ethics for superstars; if one cannot have a healthy working relationship with ones peers, what will they do to/with our customers?!

When we started the company it was built on the concept of doing something we enjoyed and were utterly passionate about – we believe that there’s absolutely no point in doing something unless you can have fun with it and genuinely enjoy the journey. At Isolate, we are building a company with real values, not one that pays lip-service; we deal with people honestly and we don’t play games (but we have to admit the XBox Kinect is rather cool Smile). When we say we can do something, we mean it, we don’t flash smoke and mirrors around, we talk straight and we have a couple of simple rules that keep things together – these are our ground-rules, once we stick to these, the magic happens..

No Bulls**t – simply, no lies, no positioning, no arrogance, be respectful to team, suppliers and customers and the Karma will take care of itself.
No A**holes – we wont have them at our company, its that simple, from the top down, no excuses
Passion and fun – if its not there, we are doing something wrong, find out what and fix it
Be healthy – building a successful business cannot happen if you are not taking care of #1, trash the junk, hit the gym, get fit, stay healthy – you’ll be able to work harder and think faster.
No dithering – decisions have to be made, good and bad, the important thing is to make them, mistakes get made, so long as we learn from them and are moving forward we are doing the right thing.
Look at the big picture – don’t get bogged down in detail (except where its necessary), always keep the big picture in mind
Keep learning – education and knowledge acquisition are important to us – its part of what we do, and keeps us sharp

And that’s the bones of it, in a nutshell:

“Be nice, Work hard, Play hard, Truly learn from mistakes, Keep focused on goal…”

Our combined experiences have shaped us, but we’ve learned a lot from some reading along the way as well, here’s a few reads that are worth investing some time into… 

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