Its getting personal….

Posted on 08 April 2011

This is interesting … many pieces of legislation in relation to data protection have some nod towards personal and directors responsibility in relation to non compliance, but seldom is the noose hung around an individuals neck. This changed a few days ago when the US Securities and Exchange Commission charged three executives for failing to protect customer data and imposed personal fines of between $15k and $20k. What is interesting is that the fines were imposed entirely based on privacy breaches, showing yet again that there is a very fine microscope now being directed world-wide at data protection and privacy issues. European legislation incorporates a responsibility on not only directors and managers but anyone in control of data to exercise a duty of care; it is now only a matter of time before individuals are brought in front of the man with the curly wig to explain their disregard of the rules. Interesting times ahead, watch this space.

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